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French Soldiers and Farmers 1918

Our Comrades ~ Musical, Artistical &c.

Patricia Hammond

Patricia Hammond - "The Canadian Nightingale"

ABFAs’ frequent guest vocalist, the mezzo-soprano with the meltingly lyrical voice. A leading lady of the vintage music scene, walking encyclopedia of early-20th Century music and general superstar.
Alex Mendham

Alex Mendham & His Orchestra

Surely one of the most authentic period bands in Europe, specialising in late-1920s & early-1930s dance-band music and featuring a number of ABFAs personnel along with many of the brightest young lights of the London vintage music scene.
Lcuky Dog Picture House Logo

The Lucky Dog Picture-House

London's premier independent purveyor of the true 1920s Silent Film experience which specialises in combining some of the most fascinating examples of the classic age of Silent Cinema with live music soundtrack.
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